Transparency in Coverage

Posted: July 27, 2022

The healthcare system can be complex. At J.P. Farley, we pride ourselves on making navigation easy and care as affordable as possible.

J.P. Farley is working hard to ensure that all of our clients are compliant with the new transparency rules that are effective on July 1. We are excited to offer all our clients an extension of this service as well. We believe in transparency however we do not feel that the rules went far enough is helping members find pricing. The files are difficult to navigate and some take quite a while to load given the amount of data we are housing for the networks. We will be offering the files on our website and we will also be opening a new phone line.

We are so excited to be able to offer this to our members and we hope that this will help our plans and members navigate through the hurdles of their healthcare journeys.

Cost and Quality Guidance

  • New Phone Line - Allows members to call in and reach an advocate who can assist them in shopping for both pricing and quality for providers in their area. Beginning July 5,
    2022 members may call J.P. Farley's toll free 1-800-634-0173 number and select option 3 for assistance obtaining transparency data.

  • New Website Resources - J.P. Farley's website will offer a database of links to ensure total compliance with transparency standards for our clients, allowing members the fullest amount of assistance in selecting providers based on both pricing and quality.

To link to the Machine-Readable Files, beginning July 1, 2022, please click on the URL for Transparency Information provided at: J.P. Farley | Member Resources (

We are delighted to offer these services to our members, as it genuinely reflects the same standards of care and integrity that have always been at the forefront of our commitment to being a leading benefits administrator.

We invite you to email your Account Manager directly or with any questions.

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