Appalachian Crossroads will begin to re-open its Day and Employment Support Services on June 22.

We have been aligning our strategies to the Governor’s ‘Roadmap to Recovery’ and have worked carefully with our partners and the individuals and their families to design a re-entry process.

The services will begin at a 25% occupancy with multiple redundant safety protocols including:

  • Positive check-in with temperature check, symptom check and proximity reviews
  • All staff will conduct positive check-in at the start of each shift
  • All individuals will check-in prior to boarding a van and again at the arrival of the program site
  • Physical Distancing will be enforced
  • Masks will be required on the vans and in community locations as recommended
  • All surfaces will be disinfected throughout the day on a set schedule
  • All sites and vans will be disinfected using a fogging machine

As an extra precaution, Appalachian Crossroads partnered with the Garrett County Health Department to conduct non-symptomatic testing of residents in the group homes, persons supported in their own homes, direct support staff and administration staff.

The results from the testing conducted on June 7th and 8th 2020 have been complied for release:

Number of people tested = 143

Number of Negative tests = 143

Number of Positive tests = 0

Directors Note:

We are pleased with the results and this adds an element of security. We will maintain vigilance and continue to follow careful protocols to keep everyone safe.

Published: April 30, 2020

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