Supported Living

Each of us deserves a comfortable, safe place to call home and the chance to live with dignity as part of our community. We offer two larger group homes (4-6 residents per home) and six smaller group homes (2-3 residents per home) with 24/7 support staffing. In these group home settings, individuals gain independent living skills, including meal planning, house cleaning, budget planning, and health care management. In addition we provide transportation to social events, medical appointments and employment. A registered nurse is available on-call for emergency care.

In this family atmosphere, long term friendships are formed and inter-reliance is developed.

“When you care for your child with special needs, their life depends on yours. But as they become adults it is time for them to move on. I’m still part of Cheryl’s life but watching her grow, develop friendships and live a full life as part of a group home has been a true gift.”
- Helen Frantz, Mother

Each resident is an individual and we help them identify what they enjoy doing whether it is playing games in the living room with a roommate, going to the summer concerts in Oakland, going out to dinner, movies, church, or simply relaxing while watching TV.

While each resident’s needs and abilities are uniquely their own, all are treated with dignity and respect. Their families are encouraged to have regular communications with their loved ones, visit at any time, and continue to be integral in their lives and help guide the care and support.