Community Inclusion

At Appalachian Crossroads, we encourage community volunteerism as a way for each individual to become connected with their community. Individuals volunteer at a variety of organizations, including local businesses, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, and animal shelters. Not only do the volunteers “give back” to their community, they become part of their community.

With initial support, guidance and training from our staff, volunteers develop confidence, lasting relationships, and skills that may lead to future employment.

Similar to employment, the process starts with discovery; a process to help each person identify what they are interested in and what their individual strengths may be. A team approach then guides the process to build a schedule that is unique and individualized.

“Our volunteers from Appalachian Crossroads are truly dedicated to our animals. With their long history of volunteering at HART, we can count on them to be caring and considerate of our rescue animals during walks and play interactions. For many of our adoptees, these volunteers are the first introduction of kind behavior they’ve seen.”
- Judy Carbone, Volunteer Coordinator, HART For Animals