Apply for Services

If you or someone you know is interested in the services we offer please call the main office at 301-334-8449. The receptionist will discuss options with you and refer you to the department that seems to best match your request. A follow up meeting can be scheduled to answer your questions and explore how we may be able to help. If you are interested we will offer tours of our programs.

The next steps will depend on the services you are interested in and your eligibility for funding from the various funding agencies. It can be complicated but our staff can assist you to navigate the different funding options.

To help determine which funding agency to apply to consider the following:

  • Are you interested in residential and support services? If yes then eligibility is determined by the Developmental Disabilities Administration, DDA. Criterion includes an intellectual or
    developmental disability. The link to DDA below will provide additional information for their services.

  • Are you interested in day habilitation services? If yes, as with residential services, you must be determined to be eligible by DDA. This requires that you apply to the DDA; the link is below. Criterion includes an intellectual or developmental disability.
  • Are you interested in employment services? If yes then there are multiple funding sources to assist you and that broadens the criterion and provides greater flexibility and more options. The
    DDA may fund long-term supports for persons with intellectual or developmental disability. The Behavioral Health Administration may fund long-term supports for person with a diagnosis of a behavioral health disability. The Division of Rehabilitation Services may fund employment supports for a time limited period for persons with a wide variety of disability diagnosis. Also, access for employment supports for transitioning students is guided by the local high schools.

Once you begin the application for funding through one or more of the agencies mentioned above they will guide you through their process. As the funding is defined, your path will return to Appalachian Crossroads and we can proceed with the process. We will need to meet again and more clearly define the service options available to you. If at any time you need assistance, please call and we will work with you to look for solutions.

It can be complicated to navigate these funding sources and it will take time. The relevant web sites are below. Please call our main office if you would like to discuss services options.

Behavioral Health: