Welcome to the Launch of Appalachian Crossroads New Website

Posted: December 11, 2018

Welcome to the launch of Appalachian Crossroads new website and our new branding and logo.

We began the journey to redesign our website and redefine our brand last spring and worked through multiple drafts.

We started with the core understanding that what makes Garrett County strong, what makes Appalachian Crossroads strong and what makes our community strong is that we are all connected and support each other; we are all friends and family.

From that point, the theme of a circle arose. A circle represents inclusion, embracing each other and the continuum across time. We put the circle around our name and opened it up to promote the freedom to move between the supports we provide and world we are part of. The logo was also designed to represent action, movement, creativity and an element of fun and laughter.

Developing a new brand and logo is difficult. Difficult because Appalachian Crossroads had a brand and a logo and one that has stood for decades. The logo was designed by William Aspinall, Executive Director from 1985 to 2014 and under his leadership the agency grew and blossomed. While we are leaving that logo and brand behind, we are bringing forward all that it represents.

Over the next several months we will expand our marketing campaign. Several videos are planned; the first one will highlight a typical life in one of our homes. Other videos will follow as well as a new brochure, a quarterly newsletter, and Facebook.

So, welcome – welcome to our new website. And, thank you, each of you, for being part of the Appalachian Crossroads family.

Scott Hollingsworth
Executive Director

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