Appalachian Crossroads
Work provides
meaning to the day.

In recognition that there is more to life than work, Appalachian Crossroads manages an active recreation program.

Good Work...
Well Done.

Activities are planned for evenings and week-ends, with transportation provided. Whether it is a “Ladies Night Out”, a picnic in the park, a shopping trip, a movie or a community dinner, each activity is well attended and fun.

It is a time to relax and spend time with friends as well as a time for new experiences and an opportunity to meet new people. Activities enjoyed through our programs include:

  • Rides at Smiley's Funzone
  • Concerts, Fireworks
  • Fitness Classes
  • Karate Classes
  • Use Computers
  • Get Out To Local Activities, Plays etc.
  • Out of County Shopping Trips
  • Dinner, Movies, Dance
  • Grocery, Clothes and Xmas Shopping
  • Go Fishing, Hunting, Camping
  • Attend Sporting Events
  • Vacations
  • Church, Clubs

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